2. M.E.G.

    Melissa Gohing


  3. M.E.G.

    Melissa E. Gohing


  4. M.E.G. X Intramuros
    Melissa E. Gohing


  5. M.E.G x Intramuros

    Melissa E. Gohing


  6. M.E.G. x Intramuros

    Melissa E. Gohing


  7. It’s been a long time, playing with snapseed part 1. Melissa Gohing


  8. A Macro shot of the word Macro.


  9. My good ‘ol mockingjay pin.

    I got this pin when I first went to the USA last June 2012. When I got back home, I eventually thought that I lost it but when I went searching for some stuff, I actually found it after more than 10 months of thinking that I lost it, phew!


  10. Mom’s Watch. Boredom.